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Which of my characters would you like to see in a flash animation? 

28 deviants said June/Holiday
18 deviants said Honey Scales
13 deviants said Gaboo
13 deviants said Persephone/Pumpkin
9 deviants said Hilary Boson/Coco
4 deviants said Rhaego
A list of things I one day would like to have. Maybe this will come in handy for bartering or something. Some of these are more reasonable than others. This should also help shed some light on some of my interests, which I don't really share on here too often with the exception of my art.

A 3D printer
    In case you haven't heard of these before, a 3D printer is able to use a sort of plastic dust to create three dimensional objects. They're pretty amazing. They can print just about anything, even mechanical objects, in one piece without the need for assembly. A long-term goal for me, as even the cheapest of these cost well outside what I could spend.
To see someone cosplay as one of my characters
    So this is probably pretty vain of me, but I'd love to see someone dress as one of my characters. Not June, though. Too easy.
The Design of Everyday Things
    I like collecting books like this that cover a wide range of subjects relating to design.
Attack on Titan, volume 9 and up
    Watching the ending of the anime left me a little disappointed. I didn't know they were going to leave off on such a huge cliffhanger.
Atlas and Peabody figures
    Also known as "Blue and Orange" from Portal 2. I don't think there are any commercially available yet, but I still want them.
Suika Ibuki figure
    This one, to be exact:…
    I don't know much about the Touhou series. All I know is that Suika is an Oni that can change size and split into clones of herself.  I like her design as well.
Sumomo figure
  This one, to be exact:…
  The only thing I like more than a robot is a cute robot. I can only hope that something closer to the real thing is available one day.


Payment must be sent in advance via paypal. If you can't pay me up front, then please wait until you can.

You must tell me everything you want in your commission before I agree to it. This means characters, interactions, and setting. Reading this information prior to contacting me shows me you have some initiative and common sense. I have nearly 2000 notes. The more information you can include in a single note, the easier it will be for me to sort through them later.

There is a $50 per slot limit. If you're commission ends up costing more than $50 and I only have one slot available, then you'll either have to cut back on details or wait until another slot opens up.

Rough sketch starting at $5 OR Inked lines starting at $15
Extra characters: +$5 each (add $10 for every 5 characters)
Color: +$5
Shading: +$5
Backgrounds: +$5 for simple backgrounds, +$10 for complex backgrounds

Commission prices are negotiable. If I like the commission, or the image is very simple to draw, I may charge as little as 50% of the normal price.

Current commissions (as of April, 2014):


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I cant get your ABDL dating sim to work :( stops loading and freezes at 99%
check the date on your computer, that should help
So cruel......... lol
How does that help?
If it does, I do I need to do to make the ABDL dating sim work properly?
same for me
BigLittleSqueeBoyDL Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lo and behold, I too am one of the many gullible suckers who took a long time to realize the ABDL Dating Sim was an early April Fool's Day joke... X3 You seriously have no idea how long my computer was whirring to get that to work, you magnificently crafty bastard...
God damn you, I actually was insanely ready for this to be real.
Oh well.
God dammit, it took me ages to realise why the flash thing wasn't loading after like 3 attempts :P. The file size should have been a giveaway, but I thought that it maybe fetched data from elsewhere... >_>
Wait, I finally got it to load, and it's awesome.
How are you able to get it to fully load?
I tried to load it multiple times but it always stopped at the near end.
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