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I've posted a demo of a game I'm working on over at Patreon. When it's released, my patrons will be able to play the game for free.

EDIT: and now I've posted a rough draft of page one of a comic I've been planning on doing for a while now. I'll eventually post all the pages here once they're finished.

If you're interested in commissioning me, please send me a note listing all the details. You do not need to ask me if I'm taking commissions, you do not need to ask me if you can tell me about your commission first, and you do not need to ask me what I will and will not draw first. Just send the details first. The fewer notes you send, the better.

I appreciate the thought, but you don't need to send paypal payments as gifts or with extra to cover paypal fees.

Sketches- +$5 per character
Inked art- +$10 per character
Colored- +$5 (+$10 for 3 or more characters)
Shaded- +$5 (+$10 for 3 or more characters)
Background- +$5 (+$10 for complex backgrounds)

Waiting list:
1. paid
2. paid
3. annoynymous paid
4. awaiting payment

Like what I do? Support me on Patreon!

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